DIY eLiquid – What you need to get started
December 21, 2017

An electronic cigarette can be enjoyed most when you just get your favorite flavor and the appropriate level of nicotine that fulfills your craving for vape. You may find thousands of different flavors for the e-liquid. So chances are there to get confused when you are going to choose the best e liquid flavors. Therefore, if you narrow down the list of your selected e juice flavors based on the top quality e juice vendors, buying the best e liquid flavors becomes easy for you.


E liquid or e juice is actually the nicotine liquid that contains flavor that suits to any mood or taste. So the e-cigarette lovers facilitate to enjoy unlimited e juice combinations and different level of nicotine. Usually the e juice strength depends on the choice of the nicotine level ranging from 0 mg up to 54 mg. So for people who like to enjoy the lower strength of e-liquids, may go with the mild nicotine level and heavy smokers can enjoy higher dose of e-liquids.


How to Find the Best E Liquid Flavors – Different Nicotine Levels

How to Find the Best E Liquid Flavors

E-liquids are available in different nicotine concentrations in order to match different requirements and tastes of the smokers and vapers. Unlike the tobacco cigarettes, the e-cigarettes contain this special feature where the smokers have the option to gradually reduce their nicotine dose. In fact, there are many e-cigarette users who vape the nicotine-free e-juice in order to satisfy their usage for smoking. The original concentration level of top e liquid is found in the bottle in the form of mg/ml. Different manufacturers maintain different standards of dosing, however, there is a general guidelines that most of the manufacturing companies follow.

Nicotine free e juice- 0 mg nicotine with PC and/or VG and flavor as per the choice

  • Low strength e juice– 4-8 mg/ml nicotine
  • Mid strength e juice– 10-14 mg/ml nicotine
  • High strength e juice– 16-18 mg/ml nicotine
  • Extra dose high strength e juice– 20mg/ml nicotine which is very strong


How to Find the Best E Liquid Flavors – Picking the Best

How to Find the Best E Liquid Flavors

Due to the usage of tobacco and cigar flavours, e liquid flavours tend to be sweet and sugary. While some e-liquids are meant to replace the original cigarettes, they are available in the flavours such as regular tobacco along with menthol flavor. There are other flavours like strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, coffee, coconuts that are made mimicking the common sweets and fruits. Nowadays, some e juices are available in the exotic flavours like strawberry daiquiri and Boston cream pie and so on.

In your quest of best e liquid flavor, you should try out the flavor that suits with your taste buds. For example, if a person is habituated to smoke with the original cigarette with menthol flavor, it is better for him to pick the menthol flavor at first which is refreshing as well as delicious. Now it he needs a lift, he can try with chocolate or vanilla and when he is in quest of a crisper flavor, the mint will be his top e juice flavor. So it doesn’t matter what is your choice of the e-liquid, the main point is to find out the flavor that satisfies your taste buds.

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